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  • Tel: +86-371-69576958
  • +86-371-64319598
  • Fax: +86-371-64319598
  • E-mail: zkbmchina@yahoo.cn
  • MSN: kehuachina@hotmail.com
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Kehua Aim: Honesty first, quality foremost

Kehua Spirit: Honest, delicate, highly-efficient, pragmatic

Management Principle: Success comes from ideas; wealth comes out of good faith.

Management Belief: Establishing Kehua brand to satisfy customers.

Pursuing perfection is the goal we never stop;

Creating high-quality is a topic we never change;

Advance with the times is the pursuit we never hesitate;

Creating excellence is the route we never deviate;

Quality servece is the faith we never shake;

No gains without pains!

We are not for yesterday’s glory,but to be higher,farther and stronger!


How do you want to buy products, you can directly write down your needs, we will get back to you the first time! You can also call: +86-371-69576958, contact us directly
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coke briquetting machine
Add: Middle Section of Heluo Road,Gongyi City,Henan Province,China
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